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taiji,qigong and self defence training and classes in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs
Self defense in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs
taiji east sydney
sydney music bands for all events, functions and parties
a taiji website by Patrick Kelly interesting and informative and very valuable Inner work, Qigong, Neigong, Sufi, Daoist.
learn the internal way of Wing Chun Kung Fu where the body is
utilised to maximise the power of the exponent.

The Humaniversity is an international school of personal
development offering ongoing workshops and programs
including Osho-Do
Great Britain taiji instructor Boz Ousanya - information
Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy's website hugely information and
descriptive based site. "The IRKRS is a worldwide organization
mentoring like-minded learners in the origins, evolution & application practices of old-school Karate practices after having studied its collective predecessors